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Open source blogging CMS. Easily self-hostable. Works with any stack.

Screenshot of the ZendoBlog UI
  • Headless CMS

    Built for developers. Stack agnostic.

  • Type safety

    Fully typed API client that you can use in your app to fetch your content. No GraphQL.

  • Cmd + V Images

    Imagine having to open the system file picker just to upload an image.

  • SEO

    Easily manage SEO metadata for your posts.

  • Open graph images

    Automatic generation of open graph images for your posts.

  • Cmd + K

    A modern dashboard that you can navigate easily.

  • Unlimited blogs

    It doesn't matter how many blogs you have. Simple usage based pricing.

  • Analytics

    Easily find out how many page views your blog posts have.

Proudly Open Source Software

Get your content easily, fully typed.

  import { createClient } from "@zendo/cms";

  const cms = createClient({
    blogId: env.ZENDO_BLOG_ID,

  const posts = await cms.posts.getAll();

Simple UI to manage your blogs

Screenshot of the ZendoBlog UI